Afrasayab Altaf, Momin Salahuddin, Momin Khan, Mazhar Mahmood, Karamat Ali Shah


Intracardiac clots, including Left atrial (LA) clots and Left ventricular (LV) clots can be potentially life threatening for the patient and challenging for the physician. The traditionally used Vitamin-K antagonists although to a certain extent effective in treatment, do have some disadvantages that limit their use. New treatment options have to be explored to ensure more effective and efficient therapy.

The advent of new oral anticoagulants (NOACs), which are currently not approved for treatment of intracardiac clots, might add to the armory against them. One such NOAC, Rivaroxaban is the first to be approved for treatment of DVT and PE, and for the secondary prevention of VTE. Here, we review the cases reported and the possible use of Rivaroxaban for treatment of intra cardiac clots.

Keywords: Anticoagulants; Rivaroxaban; Thrombosis; Thrombin; Prothrombin; Hemostasis; Platelet Activation; Vitamin K.

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Siegal DM, Curnutte JT, Connolly SJ, Lu G, Conley PB, Wiens BL


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